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Powder Coatings Powder

Polybond Powder Coatings provides protection and aesthetics to the substrate and offers various advantages in terms of Quality, Versatility and Durability. The ACM Plant controls the moisture content in the product resulting in better chargeability, improved fluidization, better transfer efficiency and superior finish. Product development along with the ongoing improvement in technology results in superior mechanical, anti-corrosive and durability properties of powders.

Polybond is deeply committed to manufacture high-tech powders for a variety of uses and applications for decorative and industrial purpose.

The most advanced techniques of Pre-mixing, Extrusion Grinding and Sieving enables Polybond to produce powders of International Standard, especially with precise control on particle size distribution of powders.

Range of Products

Pure Epoxy

Pure epoxy powders are based on combination of epoxy resins and hardeners such as DCDA and carboxylic salts of cyclic amidines. These products are recommended for interior decorativeapplications.


Bathroom Fittings, Coatings for pipes, Valves, Ceiling Panels, Office Furniture, Automotive, under body and under hood parts, Metal Cabinets, Sports and Recreation Equipments, Hand and Power Tools, Brass plumbing and Hardware fixtures.

Epoxy Polyester

Epoxy Polyester Powders are based on a combination of saturated carboxyl terminated Polyester Resins and Epoxy Resins. These products are recommended for cost effective interior decorative applications.


Domestic Appliances, Machines & Equipment, Decorative Applications and General Engineering

Pure Polyester (Polybond Plus Series)

Polybond Plus Series, is Pure Polyester Architectural Coatings Powders based on saturated carboxyl terminated polyester resins and TGIC. These products are recommended for exterior decorativeapplications due to excellent wheatherability it protects powder coated film from UV radiation caused by Sun Light and does not allow chalking taking place hence retain its colours and properties of coated films.


Polybond Plus Series has varied applications viz on aluminium extrusions, generator sets, Farm Equipments, Children Play Ground Equipments, Outdoor Furniture, Vehicle's various Body and Engine Parts, Lighting Fixtures, Raling and Gates etc.

PolyUrethane Powder Coating is used where High Humidity Resistance, High Salt Spray Resistance and excellent Exterior durability is required. This Powder has extremely good transfer efficiency and edge coverage.

Excellent Gloss, Exterior Durability, Corrosion Ressistance, Humidity Ressistance, Mar and Chip Ressistance. Better Water Resststance. Super Flow/levelling Effect.


Domestic Appliances, Electric Switchboxes/Enclosures, Exterior Furnitures, Ventilation Equipments, Automobile and Cycle Components, DG Sets, Light Fixtures, Agriculture/Lawn and Garden Equipments, Construction Equipements, Wheels and Rims, Aluminium Sliding Windows, Doors and other Fixtures.